Bladder Cancer Silky Terrier ♂ Silky 11 years old

Hi my name is Silky. I am an 11 year old silky terrier.
Last year around October I was diagnosed with a Cancerous tumor on my bladder.
My Mom and Dad were so scared and sad we’ve been thru a lot.
I went thru an 8hr surgery to put a stent in my kidney to help me pee. The tumor couldn’t be removed we tried Chemo to shrink the tumor but nothing worked. My Mom and Dad spent lots of money to try and help me but nothing worked I wasn’t eating much and got down to 7lbs it wasn’t looking good for me.
My Mon and Dad was crushed but refused to give up. Luckily my Mom’s friend had referred us to see Dr.Yoza because he had much success with treating animals with multiple health issues even cancer.
In most cases the tumor shrank and in some cases the tumor even disappeared.
Thanks to Dr.Yoza I feel much better then I did. I’m eating a healthy diet and taking natural vitamins to help fight the cancer and shrink the tumor.
Currently I’m into my 10th month of treatment and happy to report I’m doing a lot better than I was.
I have my appetite back and feel better. I’m back to making trouble for my Mom and Dad. You see like my Dad I’m strong and I’m a fighter and I won’t give up because my Mom and Dad didn’t give up on me. We are going to make a shirt that says “Cancer Survivor” on it for me to use when we beat this. You see I have to stick around to take care of my Mom and Dad (they need me)
My name is Silky and this is my story please keep me in your prayers and one day I will use my “Cancer Survivor” shirt and send a picture to Dr Yoza for all to see.
Thank you for taking time to listen to my story.

Silky Valentaine