Cancer(Mast Cell Tumor)

Latte was diagnosed with her first Mast Cell Tumor (MCT) cancer on her right hind leg March 16, 2015.  She underwent surgery to remove the tumor before they spread to her internal organs. Then on December 23, 2015 another MCT appeared in the same place and surgery was again performed to remove the cancer.  Our journey continued in early January 2017 when the third MCT appeared.  The surgeon recommended to amputate her hind leg. 

We were emotionally distraught on how Latte would feel without her hind leg.  We were in a predicament, do we amputate her leg and hope she adapts running around without her hind leg for the rest of her life or do we take a chance and hope she doesn’t die from her cancer.  

But then I remembered seeing Dr. Yoza at the Pet Expo.  I researched for Dr. Yoza on the internet and read all his success stories and said that’s our answer.  We decided to seek out Dr. Yoza and have him treat Latte with his healing energy. 

July 2017 has been seven months when we initially visited Dr. Yoza every other day for several months and then to twice a week.  Latte responded very well to the healing treatment and we could see the MCT lump getting smaller.  To further help eradicate the MCT, we decided to home cook her meals and administer Chinese herbs that Dr. Yoza recommended.  Her MCT has disappeared and we couldn’t be happier!! 

The office has a warm and relaxing atmosphere where Latte is always eager to go to her appointments. It is comforting to know, that the staff has their patients in their best interest.  Now we are starting to see Dr. Yoza every other week for maintenance. 

Below are pictures before the treatment and now.  

Thank you Dr. Yoza!!

The Hamai Family