Cancer Afghan Hound & Golden Retriever ♀ Chant estimated age 12

It was 7 years ago that we met this cute girl for the first time. The poor girl was abandoned
on a dry riverbed. She was a mix breed of an Afghan Hound and a Golden Retriever, and
probably around 5 years old. My husband and I named her Chant and we decided to raise
her as our daughter. When we found her, she had a big tumor on her tummy (about 2 and
1/3” in diameter and a little less than an inch in height). But, luckily it was benign.Three or four years ago, we found a small tumor inside of her left hind leg. It was about a
half inch in diameter. Unfortunately it was malignant. Then our fight against her cancer
started. We told ourselves that we had to do everything and anything to help our daughter
and so we did. How we wished that Dr. Yoza had been with us!!! We regretted that we could
not take Chant to Hawaii to have her treated by Dr. Yoza. Her cancer had metastasized to
her whole body much faster than we thought.

I remembered that Dr.Yoza does long distance treatment. I had to ask Dr. Yoza for a big
favor. He agreed to help and started the treatment around Christmas time last year. Chant
was not able to stand up by herself. We had to help her eat and assist with her bowel
movements. But after the first treatment, she stood up, ate her meals, and eliminated
without our help.

On January 22nd, this year, I took Chant for a walk and she was able to see seven of her
walking friends (dogs) and greeted them. It was her last walk. The next day she lay down
and had no power left to go out for a walk.

Chant continued to receive treatments from Dr.Yoza. After treatments, Chant would have
enough energy to lift her head and support herself, eat a small meal, and eliminate like an
ordinary healthy dog. She had a high quality of life. We are very grateful to Dr. Yoza

We carried Chant to the veterinarian office for a checkup. The doctors first comment was
“Chant still alive !?” He said it was amazing she’s still alive. The doctor continued with his
exam and asked us if we took Chant to another veterinarian for chemotherapy treatment. I
said no! We were not treating Chant with any medical procedures, only Dr.Yoza’s healing.
The doctor was puzzled because according to her medical records, Chant had numerous
cancerous tumors all over her body but the large one on her back was gone.

As every parent does, my husband and I nursed our daughter Chant all day and all night for
about two weeks, until she passed away. Her checkered life ended. Chant crossed the
rainbow bridge to heaven on February 18 th this year, but thanks to Dr.Yoza’s treatment, she
did not suffer at all, which we were very pleased with.

Although her life was short, it was meaningful. She gave us a lot of joy and smiles.
The only regret my husband and I still have is that we did not ask Dr. Yoza for a long
distance treatment earlier.

In the end I was holding her in my arms and she left for an eternal journey.
It looked like she was just sleeping. She gave us a lot of joy and smile.
Dr.Yoza ,thank you very much for all the efforts and love you extended to Chant.

Chant & Chant Mom