Cancer(Small intestine) Mix ♀ Bee Bee 19 years old

BeeBee was found crying outside our back door at 2:30 AM. After bringing BeeBee inside, cleaning her up, we found an animal baby milk bottle and started feeding her. After a short night sleep, we took her in for an initial visit with our long time veterinarian. While BeeBee had no major health problems, the veterinarian told us she had probably been away from her mother and litter for at least three weeks too early. She grew into a strong, healthy, active house cat, free of illness, injury or major problems.

Then at her 18th year, when we returned from a trip to the mainland in November 2013, we immediately noticed that Bee Bee痴 eating, water intake, as well as her demeanor, had drastically changed. As a result, she had lost a lot of weight. While she continued to void her urine, she no longer was having bowel movements.

We took her into the Veterinary Clinic to determine what had caused these changes. After a number of tests, the decision was made to perform an ultrasound to see if there was a blockage and where it was located.

The results showed a small tumor partially blocking the small intestine. A scope test and biopsy was scheduled and performed. The results of those two tests verified that there was cancerous tumor blockage in the small intestine. What a shock.

The treatment plan consisted of one prednisone tablet per day to stimulate Bee Bee痴 body defenses as well as her appetite, to gain back the weight she had lost. Her appetite returned and she started eating.
She continues to do better each day and her quality of life is satisfactory. She was unable to tolerate the chemotherapy drugs so it was discontinued and let nature take its course. As long as her quality of life remains satisfactory, she stays with the prednisone tablets.

In September 2014, we brought her in to Dr. Yoza for consultation and treatment. After six treatments BeeBee was scheduled for her annual ultra sound to see what the status of the tumor and small intestine.

To our pleasant surprise the gastrointestinal tract was normal in appearance and all small intestinal loops are normal in wall thickness. The cancerous tumor is no longer present.

Call it what you will, the mysteries of modern medicine at times are best accepted without explanation.
BeeBee is healthy. Quality of life is good. We can稚 ask for any more than that.
Thank you Dr.Yoza for your care and support.