Canine Lymphoma Golden Retriver ♀ Biscuit 3 years old

Dr. Yoza,
You have such an incredible and genuine Gift. You were the light at the end of the tunnel for our family.
Canine Lymphoma is such a devastating diagnosis・・・
Emotionally and financially. No true cure, just an average remission period after a 25 week chemotherapy protocol of one to three years.

Biscuit’s chemo took seven months to complete, taking such a toll on her system, yet she survived all odds! There were many days when we wondered whether we were keeping her alive for us, not for her best interest. She would turn away from food and water. Five very small (Home – cooked) meals a day, as her system couldn’t process foods well. pedialyte syringed into her mouth and several trips to the vet’s office for intravenous fluids were necessary for dehydration. With such a weakened system, she needed to be let out at night four to five times. She’d try her very best not to have an accident in the house.

Dr. Jamie Furutani, DVM had mentioned that you has successfully helped one of her patients and that we might be interested in Resonant Healing to help with Biscuit’s health issues post chemotherapy.

On our first visit with you, after a demonstration you provided me, my eyes filled with tears… I knew you could help her for all those months of pain and suffering, she had instant results. Biscuit plays with the energy of a puppy, her fur is coming back softer than it ever was. She sleeps through the night without labored breathing, eats like there’s never enough food. she has healthy bowel movements and urination and a tremendous improvement in her always poor vision.

Biscuit has been to see you once a week for 6 weeks now, and she is having a quality of life we thought we could only hope for. Through the energy you provide, her body is starting to heal itself.

For what time she has left on this earth, you have given us the priceless gift of knowing she has quality of life. And that said, Dr.Yoza, You are the blessing!

With Sincere Appreciation,

The Hamai family