Congestive Heart Failure Chewie  7years old

Chewie is a 7years old Lion head who would often stop eating. Veterinarian could not find anything wrong with him, but found a slight heart murmur (level 3).

Three months later, the heart murmur went to level 4/5 (6 being the highest) with only one lung working, diagnosed as congestive Heart Failure.

Our vet offered to do blood test and x-rays to confirm his diagnosis (approx. $400) but I refused, since there was nothing they could do after the tests. I was told to put Chewie in a smaller cage (less movement)with little to no stress, or put Chewie to sleep. I decided to bring Chewie to Dr.Yoza since he was able to help my previous bunny live another two years.

Chewie began eating right away, after his first treatment. His poop has gotten bigger (knowing heis feeling better) and he has more energy too. Seven treatments later, chewie is still eating well and has more energy.

Mahalo Dr.Yoza for all of your help!

Liane Miwa