Corneal ulcer・・・Long Distance Treatment using only photo Shih Tzu ♀

One day I stumbled across an article written about Dr.Yoza on a website. It said that he helps lots of people and animals through his resonant healing.

The second I read it, I thought that he might be the one to save my dog!My dog has been diagnosed with Corneal ulcer caused by ingrowing eyelashes. The symptoms were pretty severe: these ingrowing eyelashes caused an inflamation on cornea and make excess melanin to cover her iris, which shutter her pupil and can lead to a blind eyesight. She had a lot of eye boogers, severe red eye, pain-itch in her eyes. We were seriously looking for the best way for a treatment.

She had been visiting a vet once in a month but just pulling out her eyelashes and giving 3 different kinds of eyedrops were not fundamental solutions.The article was saying that remote healing through video chat was possible but the problem was that my father was a complete analogue type of person!
Currently my father takes care of my dog by himself as I moved to distant area and there’s no way that he talks to someone through video chat.

I reached out to Dr. yoza and asked if it’s possible to have a remote healing just with a couple of pictures.
He was kind enough to tell me that they’d give it a try.
I deeply appreciated their kind acception!

Whenever he started a remote healing, Noriko was kind enough to let me know when to start/ finish a healing.
Thanks to this notice, I was able to let my mind pay attention to my dog.
The first time was unforgettable!
Even I felt my hand getting slightly numb and something warm going through my back bone.
I felt the same way whenever this remote healing took place.

As for my dog, she surprisingly changed with the first session. I called up my father to see how she was doing.
I just have to let you know this first: she is a super picky eater! She doesn’t eat at all unless the food is her favorite, which changes day by day…
However, she had a great appetite on that day.
She also had skin boils all over her body but one of them poped on the same day.

As she had remote healings, some changes in her eyes started to show as well.
Her cloudy eyes became much clearer and no more eye boogers were there.
My father had to take her to a vet once in a month to check her eye condition but it seemed unnecessary this time.
Two months later, he took her to a vet.
Usually at least three ingrowing eyelashes grew within a month but this time, it held down to only one tiny eyelash about to grow in her eye!

I know it was such an unordinary favor to ask for a remote healing just with some pictures but I deeply appreciate Dr. Yoza’s kindness to accept this request.
I can not thank you enough Dr. Yoza.
I look forward to visiting you in Hawaii sometime.