Cushing’s Disease Border Collie Mix ♀ Crystal 15.5 years old

When our family moved to Oahu, our dog Crystal began to feel very sick.
She was experiencing complications from her Cushing’s disease, her liver enzyme values were dramatically increasing, she was treated for pancreatitis, and her joints became very sore. As a veterinary professional, I was very concerned that, given the severity of her symptoms, she would not be able to get relief and would continue going downhill. Through a referral, we brought Crystal in to see Dr. Yoza. She was having a very bad day, hardly able to walk, not eating, breathing hard, and extremely lethargic. Amazingly, she showed dramatic improvement while she was in Dr. Yoza’s office for her initial treatment, and, after her appointment, she was energetic, alert, moving much better, and her appetite returned as soon as she arrived home.
I have never seen a patient feel so much better so quickly, especially when they are feeling as poorly as Crystal did. Since her initial treatment, Crystal has continued to show improvement and has been acting like her self again, playing with toys and running around outside and on the beach.
She loves visiting Dr. Yoza’s office and approaches him willingly when he enters the room for her treatments (especially amazing considering she usually hides at the vet’s office!).

Thanks for all that you have done to make Crystal happy and comfortable.

Heather R.