External teeth fistula Yorkshire Terrier ♂ Raramaru 10 years old

Long Distance Healing from Hawaii to Japan via Skype

My dog Raramaru, is a 10 years old male Yorkshire Terrier. He’s diabetic and must receive insulin injections regularly. We had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Yoza for a long distance healing (Skype) on June 15, but upon returning home on June 11, I noticed that pus was oozing from a hole in poor Raramaru’s cheek! So the following day, I took Raramaru to a animal hospital and had him examined.

The Dr. told me that part of Raramaru’s back tooth was chipped and bacteria had got inside and caused an infection which lead to an abscess that had swelled up and migrated upwards and finally breaking through his cheek, which made a hole and caused pus to leak out (external dental fistula). The veterinarian also said , diabetes did not directly cause this condition, but if we leave his tooth as is and with his weakened immune system due to diabetes, there is a high probability of constant reinfection. The Dr. recommended removal of the chipped tooth in the near future because he couldn’t do it that day. We made an appointment for the dental surgery for June 22.

In the meantime, I decided to keep my appointment with Dr. Yoza on June 15. We did not mentioned anything to the Dr. about Raramaru’s external dental fistula, and told him only about Raramaru’s diabetes. After just one treatment I couldn’t believe what happened!

When we took Raramaru to his scheduled June 22 appointment, he had completely recovered and no longer needed to have his tooth removed! He only needed to have routine dental scaling done to clean his teeth!

Even the the veterinarian was amazed and said perhaps this is due to the Healing Raramaru received.

Thank you very much Dr. Yoza!

Emiko Ito (Raramaru’s mom) and Ralamaru