Gallstone & Pancreatitis Jack Russell Terrier ♀ Pooky 14 years old

I am so glad to have made the decision to take Pooky to see Dr. Yoza. Pooky is a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier and is now in good health.

In early January 2014, she had a seizure one morning. Then about a week later she started throwing up and wouldn’t eat. Pooky eventually became jaundiced.

We took her to emergency and through blood tests and ultrasound, we had discovered two large stones blocking the entrance to her gall bladder.

Pooky’s liver enzymes and bilirubin were also extremely elevated. Our only option was for Pooky to have surgery and remove her gall bladder.

Pooky did well during surgery and was in the hospital for two days after. She came home with about five different medications and it was just a matter of time for her to recover. Pooky was home for two days and she wouldn’t eat anything and she had no energy and just didn’t seem herself.

Although we knew it would take time for her to recover, something just was’t right. So, we took her back to the hospital for further testing. Pooky was then diagnosed with Pancreatitis.

She was in the hospital for five more days and the veterinarians were feeding Pooky baby food through a syringe and had liquids and medication administered to her intraveneously.

After careful thought, our family made the decision to bring Pooky home after the fifth day in the hospital. The vet bill was in the thousands of dollars and we just couldn’t afford it anymore especially not knowing how long she could be hospitalized. Although we wanted the best for Pooky, we had decided to take care of her at home.

She was always curled up in the corner and had no desire to roam the house and she was also very quiet. We pureed food, purchased baby food and fed her soup through a syringe.

Pooky had no desire to eat on her own and she didn’t have an appetite. Therefore, we had to force feed her because she was literally skin and bones.

Finally, one day at work I decided to call Dr. Yoza to see if I could get an appointment. I was so happy that Dr. Yoza accommodated us and we brought Pooky in that afternoon.

As Dr. Yoza was treating Pooky, we noticed that she started to perk up. Pooky was definitely more alert than she has been in over a week.

When we got home, we decided to offer Pooky some food. It was pureed food and we put it in her doggie bowl and set it on her placemat. Low and behold, we couldn’t believe what we saw! Pooky ate! She ate on her own! That evening, Pooky was walking around and also started to bark. This was just after one treatment with Dr. Yoza! We were so happy,

I called Dr. Yoza the next morning to tell him the news and thank him for what he did. TRUELY AMAZING!!!

Ever since the initial appointment with Dr. Yoza, Pooky is back to normal. I also stopped the medication right after I took her to see Doctor and she is doing great!

Pooky gained all her weight back and is herself again.

Thank you Dr. Yoza for healing Pooky! We are so grateful and we will never forget what you have done for Pooky and our family!

J. C.