Heart Murmur / Difficult Breathing (Anxiety attack)/ Paw Knuckling Pomeranian ♀ Sally 11 years old

Sally was bone on November 28, 2004 with a heart murmur condition.
Sally in now 11 years old.

Sally did very well as far as her health until around 2012 and 2013.
Sally had to be put on Prednasone and Soldenafil (Viagra) to open up blood vessels to her heart. We also had to administer Pro-air inhaler with a canine aerosol chamber over her snout.

Sally was having anxiety attacks whenever she got anxious or worked up and excited about a situation. She would have difficulty taking in air into her lungs and she would start pacing back and forth; her pupils would get dilated and her heart would beat very hard.
This would go on for about 30-45 minutes. After the episode, Sally would be exhausted just fall asleep. These episodes would happen two, sometimes three times EVERY day!

On June 15, 2015, was Sally’s first visit to Dr.Yoza. I actually called for an appointment because Sally’s right paw was not able to extend straight out and was bent under making it impossible to walk normally.

Sally started out with two visits a week. By September 2015, Sally’s paw was back to normal and now she was able to go up stairs and also able to climb onto her favorite pillow.

What was most amazing was that Sally’s breathing has improved tremendiously.
Sally no longer has anxiety attack episodes anymore.

Sally’s visits to Dr.Yoza since September 2015, is now one visit per week, to present day.

We are more than grateful to Dr.Yoza for heping Sally in more ways then one.

Every week when I drive into the parking lot to take Sally for her treatment with Dr.Yoza, Sally knows exactly where we are and she gets so happy. Her tail wages full speed and she makes very higt pitch barks trying to tell me, “Hurry up, mom!”


Sally and Shiela