Hip / Leg Pain Pug Mix ♂ Koa 5 years old

Koa is our five year old pug mix, who up until a month ago, was fairly healthy except for his weight problem. He is a house dog and through no fault of his own gained excessive weight due to minimal amounts of exercise. So about a month ago, we decided to walk him which is when it all started.

After his walk he was exhausted and we thought nothing of it, though over the course of a few days he developed pain in his hind legs. He had trouble sitting and lying down. He would cry as he adjusted himself but never seemed to find a comfortable position. When he could, he was able to sleep for a bit, but then would wake up again and pace the room. We brought Koa to the pet clinic in Pearl City. They prescribed NSAIDS and sent us home. A week went by and I was giving him the NSAID sparingly as I really don’t like to drug Koa.

His condition got worse and we were forced to bring him back to the same clinic. He wasn’t sleeping at all; he rarely sat, let alone lay down. The day we brought him back he was taking a few steps every few seconds because he was falling asleep where he was standing. He stayed over at the clinic for about five nights. There he was found to be allergic to the NSAID and was put on a narcotic (synthetic opium). I was very concerned about this. We visited him and saw that he wasn’t the dog I remember just a few short weeks before his problems.

The vet really had no clear idea of what was wrong with Koa. We were very worried and had no idea what more we could do to help our dog. A friend told me about her neighbor whose dog had trouble walking. The dogs name is Kiku who is also a patient of Dr. Yoza. After hearing about Kiku and how she wasn’t able to stand and is now walking again, we decided to pay him a visit.

After the first treatment with Dr. Yoza, Koa was given his very last dose of the Opiate to help him sleep that night.

The very next day he was already showing signs of improvement. The hour of the next dose for his pain killer came and went as we watched the hours go by, he never complained. He was very tired and slept without any trouble. This went on for a few days.

Fast forward to today which is about two weeks later and three treatments with Dr. Yoza. He is almost completely healed as he appears to be pain free. He doesn’t cry out nor does he have trouble sitting or laying down. He demands to eat and demands attention both of which is our old dog. He moves quickly now and is again starting to become a handful. He is even starting to stand up again on his hind legs.

We would like to thank Bessie for telling us about Kiku and Dr. Yoza, and especially Dr. Yoza for helping Koa.