Dr.Raymond K.Yoza Resonant Healing

Dr. Raymond K. Yoza developed Resonant Healing after discovering he had this natural gift of healing over 25 years ago. Some patients claimed that his touch or presence immediately improved their physical condition while conducting initial examinations. Dr. Yoza felt compelled to research this phenomenon since the healing was inconsistent and he didn't understand what was happening. Dr. Yoza concluded he was working with a form of vibrational medicine and was affecting the Life Force Energy of patients, better known as Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India and Mana in Hawaii.
Dr Yoza's treatment of healing is non-invasive with the passing of energy to the patient from his hand. However, he discovered that treatment was also effective remotely through Skype or other modes of communication. The healing restores the flow of the life force energy and it unblocks and balances your meridians, chakras and energies your cells to a higher frequency.
Dr. Yoza is a doctor of chiropractic by profession but does not utilize said treatment anymore because he discovered his gentler Resonant Healing was facilitating miracles. The walls of his office are now graced with dozens of testimonials from people who claim miraculous improvements to their health and/or their pet's health.
While Dr. Raymond K. Yoza does not make any claim or guarantee to derive a particular outcome for patients, he is able to share that his Resonant Healing has positively impacted over 10,000 people from Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland, Japan, Canada and other parts of the world.