IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) Smooth Haired Miniature Dachshund ♀ Lieb 16 years old

I know that this will sound like nothing short of a miracle, but since it is a true story, I felt a need to let everyone know our story. When I first met Dr. Yoza, Lieb was 9 years old. At that time, she was diagnosed with IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), a potentially fatal disease where your immune system destroys its own red blood cells.
(The rate of survival after one year is 50%). There was no medicine for her to take, and the only option she had was blood transfusion. Someone also recommended a herbal tea for anemia. After a year of more than 10 blood transfusions her condition continued to deteriorate. Just as we were about to give up on her, we had a chance to meet Dr. Yoza and asked him to treat Lieb. The day after her treatment with Dr. Yoza, we took her to the vet. To our surprise the blood test had improved tremendously, but not quite normal yet. But, but, but…..she came back from the brink of death. Lieb’s veterinarian said “I can’t believe that!” Lieb benefited with about 5 treatments before Dr. Yoza went back to Hawaii.
It has been 6 years since Lieb was last treated by Dr. Yoza. She was 15 years old and her blood test numbers for her kidney and liver were rising. Although it is difficult to see Dr. Yoza, who lives in Hawaii, I find myself thinking, “if only Dr. Yoza could be Lieb’s doctor.” It was then that I found out Dr. Yoza treats his patients using Skype. I decided to utilize this and have Lieb and her twin Wiena be treated long distance by Dr. Yoza.
At first, I was unsure and nervous as to whether he can really treat patients via the internet, but my nervousness soon disappeared. Wiena unfortunately passed away just before her 16th birthday, but I am certain that she would have passed sooner had it not been for Dr. Yoza’s treatment. Her vet also told us she would die long before her 16th birthday. She suffered with bloody mucous diarrhea from the intestines that did not stop. She also could neither get up nor eat. Her weight dropped down from 5 kg (about 11 pounds) to 2.8 kg (about 6.2 pounds). But as soon as Dr. Yoza started a long distance treatment on her, the bleeding stopped. She was able to eat and walk by herself. The veterinarian was surprised and wondered how was this possible.
Then one month later, Wiena passed away peacefully surrounded by family. I thank Dr. Yoza for giving us the gift of extra time with Wiena. We are really grateful.
Today, I have been continuing Lieb’s long distance treatment with Dr. Yoza and her kidney and liver functions have returned to normal. Since she is an old dog and besides the IMHA, she also has gum disease, cataracts and is getting weaker. The other day, her diarrhea did not stop, however she was able to stand up, walk and drink water right after a long distance treatment. Today, she was able to eat on her own and even ate all of her food! The vet always happily says, “I have never seen any dog that has survived for 7 years after being diagnosed with a serious disease as IMHA”.
“Amazing miracle girl”. We don’t know how long more she can be with us. The thought of her death scares us.
However, we believe that we will have peace of mind and happy moments with our remaining time with Lieb because we have Dr. Yoza. By the way, I had an operation on the thyroid for follicular adenoma of the thyroid the other day. I had a long distance treatment before the operation. Thanks to the treatment, I quickly recovered and my surgical cut shows no scars.
Naturally, western medicine and surgery is important but it is reassuring for my family to know that Dr. Yoza will be there to help! I hope Dr. Yoza lives a long healthy life for all his patients.

With a lot of gratitude,

Keiko Mik