IMHA(Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) Miniature dachshund smooth haired Lieb ♀ 16 years and 2 months old

Long Distance Healing from Hawaii to Japan via Skype

It seems like a miracle, but it is a true story, so I tell you what has happened.
It was when Lieb was 9 years old when we first met Dr. Yoza.  In those days, Lieb was diagnosed as IMHA(Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), which is a disease that she destroys her own red blood cell and eventually dies of anemia.  (The rate of survival after a year is 50 %)  There was no medicine for her to take, so she had blood transfusion more than ten times and we gave her herb tea to help improve from anemia.  But none helped her.  A year went by.  Just as we were about to give up on her, we had a chance to meet Dr. Yoza and ask him to treat Lieb.  She had about five treatments.  After that, we took her to the vet.  To our surprise, the test value was tremendously improved, not quite a standard value yet though.  But, but, but……She came back from the brink of death.  Our home doctor exclaimed, “How incredible!”

Six years have passed.  Dr. Yoza living in Hawaii, we seldom have a chance to see him.   Now that Lieb is old, the test value of her kidney and liver are rising.  I often wished Dr. Yoza had been here in Japan.  Just then I learned that Dr. Yoza does a long distance treatment.  So I asked him to treat Lieb and her twin sister Viena in turn.

At first I was kind of worried if it actually works because he treats patients though internet images.  But my anxiety vanished right away.  Viena, unfortunately died just before her 16th birthday.  But, the vet told us she would die long before.  Bleeding and mucous membrane from the intestines did not stop.  She could neither get up nor eat.  Her weight was dropped down from 5 kg(about 11 pounds) to 2.8 kg(about 6.2 pounds).  But as soon as Dr. Yoza started a long distance treatment on her, the bleeding stopped.  She was able to eat and walk for herself.  Again the vet wondered why.  Then a month later, she peacefully died, while the whole family watching her.  We know it was a wonderful TIME present given to us by Dr. Yoza.  We are really grateful.

Lieb is continuously taking a long distant treatment and now the test values of her kidney and liver are back to standard.  Since she is an old dog, she is getting weak besides a gum disease and a cataract.  The other day, her diarrhea did not stop, however she was able to stand up, walk and drink water right after a long distance treatment.  She now can eat up all her meals.  The vet always happily says, “I have never seen any dog that has a serious disease as IMHA and is still alive for 7 years.  Quite a girl!”  We don’t know how long more she can be with us.  The thought of her death scares us.  However, she has Dr. Yoza.  We believe she will peacefully give us a happy time until her last moment.

By the way, I had an operation on the thyroid for follicular adenoma of thyroid the other day.  I had a long distance treatment before the operation.  Thanks to the treatment, I quickly recovered myself and my surgical cut shows no scar.  Western medicine, of course, is important, but treatments from Dr. Yoza is the last fort for our family.  Dr. Yoza, you must live long for all your patients, please.

With a lot of gratitude

Keiko Miki