Liver Kidny Pancreatitis problems Maltese ♀ Hailey 14 years old


Hi, my name is Hailey Aki! I am 14 years old today.
On January 11, 2018, I was diagnosed with HIGH liver enzymes, high kidney count,pancreatitis, and had a only few days to live. My family was so devastated.
They took me home and spent as much time as they could with me. A family member saw Dr. Yoza’s brochure and showed it to us. Mommy thought it was her only option.I started coming to see Dr. Yoza at the end of January.
Mommy saw that I was becoming more active and not sleeping as much.
She took me to recheck my blood after 4 visits (2weeks).
My doctor told me that he couldn’t believe it, but my liver enzymes were back to normal.
I was on the road to recovery ever since then.

After my diagnosis, I’ve been coming to see Dr. Yoza once a week.
Mommy can’t believe how relaxed I am at his office. I am ALWAYS so nervous and shiver constantly when I am anywhere besides my home.
I love coming to see Dr. Yoza every Wednesdays and hope to continue living a happy pain free life for a few more years.

My kidney has gotten better and my overall health is improving slowly.
I can’t thank Dr. Yoza enough. His healing energy has made my family believe in miracles and alternative healing.