Seizure Golden Retriver ♀ Sachi Miyabara 10 years old

Dear Dr. Yoza:

A little over a year ago, I started having seizure spells at a rate of about one episode per week. My primary Dr. prescribed an anti-seizure medication for me, but after no improvement, he gradually increased the dosage until I was on 6 pills per day. This did reduce the frequency of seizures, but also caused some terrible side-effects to me, such as loss of balance, tiredness, drooling, and stumbling – which upset my dad and mommy very much (especially my dad, since he was not able to take me on my daily walk).

When I began to see Dr. Yoza, upon recommendation of a friend of my parents, the frequency of my seizures began to lessen, to the point where my dad asked my primary Dr. if he could gradually wean me off the anti-seizure , mediation. After a few months of treatment from Dr. Yoza, I was able to get completely off the medication …and I never felt better in my life!

Dr. Yoza, my last seizure episode was almost 11 months ago!! I am back to being a “Happy Camper”, many thanks to you!! My mommy and dad are also very grateful to you. I enjoy my weekly visits to you …and Aileen, Noriko and Geri always make my day!!


Sachi Miyabara