Cancerous tumor Mix ♀ Amy 13 years old(Estimation)

Thirteen Years have passed since I met my loving dog, Amy. We both have gotten older but now she’s older then me!I was suddenly told by three veterinarians that there was a possibility of her having CANCER, which made me depressed and sad. After spending days crying and weeping, I decided to have Dr.Yoza treat Amy three times a week, and Amy has amazingly recovered veryquickly. Now she goes only once a week for just maintenance. I thank Dr.Yoza’s treatment and Amy’s strong desire to live.

When I think back on my first encounter with Amy, I wonder if it was just coincidence or was it meant to be? I was shocked to see such a skinny, boney looking dog limping and staggering in front of our house. Our eyes met in a gaze and I felt like I heard a voice begging to “HELP ME.” My eyes were glued to the poor dog, whose fur was shedding and I couldn’t turn my back on her. After thinking for a while, I thought that the Humane Society might rescue her since I didn’t know what to do. Their answer was not the one I expected. Amy would not be able to survive there because she had so many problems. I could not give up on her. At that time, we already had a three-year-old male dog name Bernard. I spent a full day persuading my family and she became our second pet.

Obedient and friendly, Amy soon became attached to the family including along with Bernard. After ten years of a wonderful relationship, Bernard suddenly passed away and Amy began to shut herself down, in sorrow over losing her partner. For half a year, she wouldn’t eat or drink any water and had to be force – fed. Then one day, all of a sudden she couldn’t move, her eyes were red and her tongue was sticking out. I couldn’t tell if she was breathing, so I rushed her to emergency and two days later she diagnosed with suspected cancer.

The vet said she was too old for a laparotomy and suggested me to put her to sleep. After thinking over and over, I felt her last days should be at home with us, since I couldn’t stand to see her heavily medicated with an IV. Even after I brought her home, I couldn’t accept the result of the examinations and the condemnation. After a few days, I noticed that she looked a little better and her gaze was the same look she gave me 10 years ago, begging to “HELP ME.”

By looking at Amy, I felt her last chance was “Dr.Yoza.” I couldn’t let Amy’s life end with this suffering. If this was the last thing I could do for Amy, as her mother, I just had to do it. At first, she was stumbling feebly, but a few weeks later she was able to walk normally, her fur began to shine and I could see in her eyes the will to stay alive again. Her appetite came back and she ate until her stomach was full. She was back to making a lot of poop and it seemed her depression was gone. I wonder what those agonizing days were.

It’s been ten months now and Amy continues to eat and sleep well. She has changed to a healthy old girl who enjoys walking. I continue to take her to Dr,Yoza to maintain the balance of her body and mind, since it’s important for pets as well as humans, so we can protect ourselves from becoming ill (per Dr.Yoza). Stress can be a big cause of diseases, not only to humans but also to pets. This information has opened my eyes to a healthier way of living. Everyday, I thank Dr.Yoza and his staff, all the pets and their owners for everything.
Chieko R.