Cancerous tumor Mix ♀ Taiyo 13 years old


Taiyo passed away at home in her sleep approx. 10:15 pm Saturday Aug. 10th.
It was difficult for me to really be sure since she is deep sleep after her sessions with you.
My neighbor an RN confirmed passing.

My vet and neighbor said to be prepared for stiffness and fluid leakage.
Dr.Fujioka instructed how to wrap a sheet with her legs in sleeping position or the stiffness/rigor will make it difficult to carry her.
We decided not do that. My friend stayed up with her holding her paws and stroking at times.

After 11 hrs. plus we took her to the clinic.
The tech was so amazed and said she has never seen an animal with such a peaceful look on her face as if still sleeping.
Dr. said she looks as though she is sleeping.

I gave her few more last kisses, hugs and stroked her body.
Her limbs had no sign of stiffness. Her body was soft and fexible. Her body was not icy cold.
Later the tech told me more amazing, there was no deteriorating odor from her mouth and no leakage of fluids.
She made an imprint of her paw on ceramic and her leg and paw was still flexable.

I believe the energy given her in her session Saturday morning was still radiating through out her body which made her appearance no different than in peaceful slumber.
She showed no signs of labored breathing. Panting or gasping for air.
Her departure left us with peace, remembering her as she always was pretty, comfortable just sleeping.

Bringing Taiyo to you was not to hope for a miracle.
Her cancer lump was inoperable and at age 13 plus, surgery would have been more stress for her to handle.
The goal was to make her remaining time comfortable with no pain and as quality of life as possible.
She ate and rested in deep sleep up to the very last moment.
Though her loss is still an emotional void I am at peace knowing the objective of giving her some quality time and life was accomplished.

Thank you from her entire family.
Cats: Pachi, Dominic, Natsue, Mi-ke
Dogs: Her sister Tsuki, (additions) Ling, and Chai
Mom: Marilyn K.