Enlarged prostate / Crystals Mixed Chihuahua ♂ Benji 5 years old

Just wanted to say thank you!
Benji and I truly appreciate everything you have done for us. Your energy treatments are miraculous. It has definitely made Benji feel a lot better.
For being only 5 years old, he has been through a lot and before your energy treatment we were beginning to worry about Benji because he was not the young, happy, sweet little boy we used to know and love. All his health problems at such a young age were becoming very frustrating. It seemed endless.
We are truly amazed at how much Benji has benefitted from the treatments.
His enlarged prostate was a problem since he was 2 years old and now is at the smallest we have seen it. The crystals in his urine have magically disappeared and best of all he is cured of his “grouchies”.
We don’t miss the grouchy boy he was becoming. We can no longer call him the grouch old man. He has gone back to being young, happy and the silly boy we used to know. We can’t thank you enough for working on him.


After 3 years of an enlarged and rounded prostate, he finally has a normal small cylindrical prostate!