External tooth fistula due to Periodontal disease calico cat ♀ Komichan estimated 18 years old

Long Distance Healing from Hawaii to Japan via FaceTime

In February 2017, we noticed that this stray cat suddenly developed a hole in her chin.
Although she had been with us for 15 years, we still could not hold her because she did not like people,making it impossible for us to take her to a vet.

Because of her age, we were afraid that we had to reluctantly give up on her. However, we then found Dr. Yoza, who is able to perform long-distance treatments (of his energy healing work). We knew how effective Dr. Yoza’s treatments were because our family experienced his resonant healing on one of his previous trips to Japan. Therefore, we asked him to treat Komichan.

Immediately after the first treatment, we noticed a significant change. We were initially surprised at the difference of her coat. Being old, her coat was always dry and coarse but now it had a gleaming quality. Soon thereafter, the wound on her chin improved, and the scab fell off. Komichan was healed completely.

While she once had a small appetite eating a little at a time, she now has a healthy appetite and has actually gained some weight and started to get plump.

We are thrilled that she has become so healthy. However, that was not the only surprising factor.
Komichan was once afraid of people that she would run away and hide whenever they got close.
Even we could not touch her. Over time, her personality evolved with each treatment. She no
longer runs and hides when guests come into the house. Prior to the treatments, she would avoid our other cats, preferring solace, but now she feels closer to them and sleeps with them on a routine basis. This has brought so much joy to our family. I assume Komichan must be comfortable as well.

Thanks to Dr. Yoza, we are now able to share happy moments with our peppy Komichan daily. We really appreciate what Dr. Yoza has done for Komichan. Dr. Yoza, we can never thank you enough.

Kumiko Ozawa