Heart disease mejiro or Japanese white eye(bird) ♀ Lucky 7 years old

We rescued our mejiro Lucky when she was about one week old. She had gotten lost when we found her sitting on a sign at Ward Centre. Over the years my wife and I forged a special bond with this little bird who imprinted upon us and thought of us as her parents.

As our cherished baby got older, we witnessed her grow weaker. One day, we took her to the
vet who shared the unfortunate prognosis that her heart was weak and she was not going to
live much longer. Despondent, we took her to Dr. Yoza in hopes that he could perform energy work to help heal her. Over five sessions in one month, we noticed significant improvement after each treatment. She became more active just like little chick we once found.

After taking her to the veterinarian for a follow-up appointment, Lucky’s doctor was shocked to find that this little bird made a remarkable recovery. He did not know what we did, but he
checked her heart and said that she was back to normal.

Lucky is sadly no longer with us because God felt that he needed his little angel back, but the
extra time we spent with her is priceless. Most pet owners will share that no monetary amount is too much to extend the life of their loved one by years or months or even days because they are like our children. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Yoza for extending the life of the bird we considered our daughter.

Sean M. Morris