Heart Murmur Shih Tzu ♂ Skippy 2.5 years old

February 2, 2012

It’s been 2 years since Skippy, my pet child has been coming to Dr Yoza’s office for treatment. Skippy wanted to tell you how well he feels but I wanted to let the pet parents know what happens when you stop treatment.

My work schedule had changed In July 2011 and I was unable to bring Skippy in for maintenance treatment for his allergies. About two months had passed and I noticed the difference. Skippy started back on meat protein which he is highly allergic to. After a month the same problems began to reoccur. For one thing he was vomiting again. He wasn’t his usual lively self. And then came the worse news possible. Skippy went for his semi annual check and was diagnosed with a heart condition.

I was devastated with the news. He was 2 and a half years old and they only found out now!!!!! I quickly made the appointment to see Dr Yoza. It is now 3 months later Skippy went back to the vet for an ear infection on February 1, 2012. What a pleasant surprise. The Vet said she was amazed that Skippy’s heart condition had improved tremendously. The 3 + months of intensive therapy with Dr Yoza improved Skippy’s condition so much so that the Vet was speechless. Thank you Dr Yoza for helping Skippy to recover quickly and continue to improve his health.

Beverly T.