Irritable Bowel Syndrome Rex & Dwarf Mix ♀ Honeybunny 7 years old

I’d like to share my experience of what happened to me and my dear bunny: Honey bunny before and after the resonant healing sessions by Dr. Yoza.

Honeybunny, was born in 2007, had started to have massive diarrhea at least two times a week since her age of 2. I’ve brought her three different animal clinics; however, her chronic condition had never been improved for 5 years.
Before she went to see Dr. Yoza, she was on her restricted diet (only hey, pellets and small amount of plan yogurt. No vegetable or fruits) by following a vet’s instruction. She seemed to be stressed out and completely lost her appetite. I decided Honeybunny to have healing treatments by Dr. Yoza because his method was exclusively non-invasive. (I’ve observed his demonstration at Pet Expo in previous year)
Amazingly, she showed her interest in food right after the first session, and I actually stopped by the Wendy’s drive through, and got a leaf of lettuces for her. Of course, she ate it all.
Since then, she had 7 sessions over 9 months, and her bowel habit became well controlled.
She seems to be very happy to enjoy her favorite vegetables and fruits.

Another thing I’ve been plagued was excruciating migraine headaches. I’ve been treated with variety of medications for years. Once I was on antiepileptic to control the headache attacks. The medication was effective; however, the side effects were things what I would never appreciated.
Last year, I was only on the pain medication as needed basis, and I needed to have the refill in each month for my frequent headaches.
I had 3 sessions from Dr. Yoza over 9 months, and I realized that I had only 3 medication refills from January to June, the numbers of my headache attacks significantly reduced in this year.

I am very grateful and thankful to Dr. Yoza, and I can honestly say that human/animals have self-healing powers from God, and Dr. Yoza’s resonant treatment activates the diversity of internal healing mechanisms.

Yukari N.