Neck and Hip Pain Great Dane ♀ Kamalei 6 Years old

Kamalei is our 6 year old Great Dane.
Around a year ago she started making wincing noises every time she would get on and off the couch. Great Dane known to have hip problems, so we were very worried she was getting hip displaysia or something else that was serious.
We contemplated taking her to the vet but as we looked for solutions online, we realized there isn’t anything they could do for it besides an expensive X-ray, surgery, or medications-all which did not help the source of the problem.
A couple months later, she had two incidences where she could not lift her neck and she would cry and couldn’t move for hours.
We felt her hips were getting worse as her cries became louder every day, so we searched for dog therapy online and found Dr. Yoza on Yelp. During the first initial session, Kamalei was so relaxed and we could tell she really liked her new doctor, but what was more amazing was that since the first session, she has never made noise or cried in pain getting off the couch.
She runs faster at the park like when she was younger, and she has more energy now than she has had in years.
My husband also gets weekly treatments from Dr. Yoza as he injured his body from playing football his entire life.
They both love going to therapy sessions and we are forever grateful we found Dr. Yoza and will continue seeing him for our family.