Sciatic Nerve Pain in Back 87 years old Female

Aloha! I’m posting this testimonial on behalf of my mother Florence who experienced a debilitating sciatica condition in her right leg that started in November 2017 and basically left her immobile and confined to her chair and bed.  My mother’s condition improved drastically prior to her trip to Japan in June 2018 after 4 treatments with Dr. Yoza. We are grateful to Dr. Yoza for his assistance in helping my mother regain her mobility and live her life pain free!

Looking forward to enjoying life after working for 40 years, I decided to retire on September 1, 2017. I scheduled trips with family members to Las Vegas and Hokkaido, Japan in 2018.

Unfortunately in November 2017, I started experiencing lower back pain that extended into my right leg that got progressively worse over time.

I visited my physician in early January 2018 who recommended physical therapy for the pain.
The pain still persisted after three weeks of treatment so she scheduled an MRI on January 24.The results of the MRI scan weren’t good! It showed a pinched nerve in the lower spine which explained the pain in my right leg. A neurologist was recommended for consultation. After reviewing the MRI the neurologist recommended two options: 1. Have a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation of the pinched nerve, or 2. Do microsurgery on the spine that would enlarge the opening and relieve pressure on the pinched nerve, I decided on doing neither and continued physical therapy.

Hoping to get better in time for my trip to Hokkaido in June, I also tried shiatsu, acupuncture, and chiropractic therapies, none of which brought long-term pain relief.
I sought relief from the pain by sitting upright in a chair and applying ice packs and heating pads to the affected areas and needed help to and from the bathroom. Unable to sleep on my back at night, I took naps in the chair throughout the day.

My trip to Hokkaido was now 2 1/2 weeks away. In desperation I called the neurologist’s office to schedule the cortisone shot and to my disappointment was told that he was away and won’t be back for another week. Disappointed I considered canceling my trip.

I then recalled that my niece mentioning about a friend who suffered years of pain after having knee surgery on both legs at the same time, and who was successfully treated by Dr. Raymond Yoza’s “Resonant Healing” treatment. Encouraged by this news, without hesitation, I made an appointment to see Dr. Yoza on May 30 for a consultation scheduled five treatments before my trip to Japan.

After the fourth treatment and two days before my departure to Hokkaido I woke up in the morning pain free! To prove to myself that I was not imagining I walked around the living room and didn’t feel any pain. Unbelievable!

Happy and hoping that the pain will not recur on the trip we departed as scheduled and was able to fully enjoy all aspects of the 12-day trip, pain-free. I did a lot of walking and sightseeing to explore the sights and sounds of the beautiful countryside and cities in Hokkaido.

All of this would not have been possible without Dr. Yoza’s amazing Resonant Healing treatments. My heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Yoza and staff! You are definitely the best!

The miracle Lady,