Symphysis pubis dysfunction(SPD)

I suffered from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) even after the birth of my first child.

I had severe pain in my pubic area that was causing trouble walking and standing up.

When I became pregnant again this concern was on my mind. With the second pregnancy, I found out it was a breach baby and I was also suffering with complications due to a low-lying placenta and pregnancy diabetes.

At that time, my friend referred me to Dr. Yoza whose treatment was good for pre-natal care as well as easy delivery. Since I started receiving his treatment, all of the complications went away and the delivery was very easy and fast!

Even after the birth, both my baby and I are in good health.

A fetus grows in mother’s womb by repeating cell division.
Dr. Yoza’s good energy vibration was transmitted to my baby during pregnancy.
My baby was born with strong immunity. she is healthy. Cheerful, sleeps easily by herself and easy to nurture.

I’m grateful for Dr. Yoza.