Brain Aneurysm


In December 2009 I noticed my vision in my right eye was blurred and by January 2010 it became painful to blink. Multiple visits to my eye doctor didn’t reveal anything wrong and I was told to come back in 3 months for more tests. Unwilling to wait 3 months, I got a 2nd opinion from an eye doctor who found my right eye vision had decreased to 20/200 with a loss of 75% of my peripheral vision due to optic nerve damage. Prednisone eye drops helped take any my pain but the blurriness continued. I changed my once a month treatments with Dr.Yoza to nultiple weekly visits and found that he was able to take away the blurriness from my right eye.

I was referred to an Ophthalmology Neuro Surgeon who performed more extenssive tests and an MRI revealed a brain aneurysm sitting on top of my optic nerve. Doctors considered my aneurysm extra large at 1.25 inches wide in size. Referrals to other specialists for more extensive tests and finally referred me to mainland surgeons since my aneurysm was so large. 10 days later, after additional tests, MRA, CTA scans and a cerebral angiogram revealed that my aneurysm had shrank from 1.25 inches to 0.50 inches! My doctor said this was very unusual for an aneurysm to shrink and asked me what I was doing I explained my treatments with Dr.Yoza and he told me to continue whatever I was doing to keep my aneurysm from growing larger.

In May 2010, almost 3 months later, continuing weekly visits to Dr.Yoza a consulation with a 2nd opinion Neuro Surgeon advised me that my vision had gotten better at 20/70! Further tests showed my aneurysm has changed shape and did not grow any larger! Due to the smaller size, this surgeon agreed to perform my surgery. My doctor advised me that everyone has aneurysms and most can live normal lives without being treated, since aneurysms don’t get larger. Since I have lupus, I am at a higher risk for growing aneurysms and I have to be monitored more closely. I attribute my aneurysm shrinking in size, better vision with no blurriness to my treatments with Dr.Yoza.

Mahalo to Dr.Yoza and staff for all of your help.

Liane Miwa