Cancer (Hemangiosarcoma) German Shepherd ♀ Trinity 9 years old

Hi Dr. Yoza and Noriko,

In March of this year, my mommy found a lump on the side of my face and my Veterinarian, Dr. Fujioka, recommended that it be removed. While prepping me for surgery, one of Dr. Fujioka’s nurses saw a blemish on my tongue. Dr. Fujioka called my mom and told her that while they are removing the bump on my face, they will remove the one on my tongue. Interestingly, the lump on my face turned out to be benign and the blemish on my tongue, Hemangiosarcoma. Hemangiosarcoma is a cancer that spreads through the body in the blood and attacks the blood organs like the liver, spleen, lungs and heart.

Dr. Fujioka told my mommy that Hemangiosarcoma is a very aggressive cancer and that dogs die in weeks from diagnosis. My mommy and Aunty researched this cancer thoroughly, changed my diet (yummy), put me on Immunity supplements and started me on a very, very strong herb called Neoplasene, which makes me feel like throwing up.

The good thing is that I had multiple ultrasounds and xrays and all of my organs were clean. My mommy and Aunty had weeks of hope that turned into months and their confidence grew in my ability to fight this cancer. Then, in August, my mommy found a large lump on the top of my back, right above my spine. I had a biopsy done and it was cancer. But, the doctors didn’t know what kind.

You can only imagine my mommy’s and aunty’s thoughts. The good thing was that before the doctor was going to remove this lump, he did another xray of my lungs and ultrasound of my other organs and again, everything was clean!!! There was my glimpse of hope.

The day before my surgery to remove the lump, my mommy and aunty took me to see Dr. Yoza. My mommy and aunty’s intention was to take me there for treatment the day before my surgery so that maybe the treatment would make my body stronger for the surgery and recovery thereafter.

I had my surgery the next day and the lump was successfully removed. The doctor wanted to be sure that he got everything so he made a huge, diamond-shaped cut on my skin. I had stitches going across my back about 8 inches long. I overheard the doctor tell my mommy and aunty that I did so well and that he was so happy. My mommy and aunty came to pick me up the next day and I went to Dr. Yoza’s again, straight from the hospital, for another treatment that would help me heal. My mommy and aunty still cannot believe how fast I healed and how good I look.

Now, we had to wait over the weekend for the results. It was a long weekend. The doctor finally called my mommy and aunty on Tuesday and told them confusingly, that the lump was tested and there was no cancer. You can imagine our shock and excitement!!!!

I still go to Dr. Yoza every other week to be sure that there are no blockages in my body so that my body can fight off the bad stuff. I love going there because almost everyone who walks in or out of the office gives me a lot of attention and affection. I could get used to that!


From mommy Carol and aunty Jaime