Enlarged Heart / Anemic

For Love of Sandee Joy
Anyone who is an animal lover and owner knows that your pet is a special family member and an important part of your life. For sixteen years, our family has been blessed with loving and taking care of Sandee Joy, our female part-Spitz dog, who we adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society on Father’s Day, 1993.

Sandee Joy has enjoyed reasonably good health until 2006 when she started having a hacking cough. She also had a small cyst growing on her left front leg. When we took her to the veterinarian, a blood test showed that she was anemic, and an ultrasound revealed that she had growths on her spleen.

Her hacking cough was determined to be due to an enlarged heart.
We decided against surgery to remove the cyst and the growths on her spleen because of the high risk of an older dog not doing well under anesthesia and possibly not surviving the surgery.
Instead, Sandee Joy was given thyroid, heart and diuretic medications for her condition.

Unfortunately, in September 2008 Sandee Joy suffered her first seizure, followed by three more seizures in November and December 2008. It was an emotionally draining time for us to see her having a seizure, feeling so helpless on how we could help her. Also, she got weaker after each seizure, and we didn’t know how much longer she would live. From the start of her cardiac illness until the present, Sandee Joy has lost 11 pounds, from her 26-pound weight to  her current 15 pounds. Her veterinarian put Sandee Joy on two additional medications, an anti-seizure medication and another one to help increase the blood flow to her heart.

From January through March 2009 Sandee still had her hacking cough and poor bowel movements. Fortunately in March of this year Anita’s co-worker, Adrienne, shared with us how Dr. Yoza had healed Adrienne’s sister-in-law of vertigo and how he has helped ill animals, too.
Adrienne mentioned that Dr. Yoza’s energy healing treatments had helped her and that he also healed her daughter’s puppy and her sister-in-law’s dog. There was no question in our minds that we wanted to see if there was anything Dr. Yoza could do to help Sandee Joy.

Since April 2009 we have been taking Sandee Joy to be treated by Dr. Yoza and she has been seeing him weekly. The good news is that Dr. Yoza’s Resonant Healing has helped Sandee Joy inmany ways.

Her appetite has increased, her bowel movements are now regular, and her cardiac coughs have lessened. Also, her disposition is happier, she wags her tail a lot when we greet her, and at times she acts like a puppy, wanting to play and romp.

She seems in general, so muchstronger than before.

We believe that Dr. Yoza’s Resonant Healing treatments have helped to improve Sandee Joy’s quality of life tremendously and probably helped to extend her life.

We are very grateful and so happy that we were able to find Dr. Yoza and to have our Sandee Joy benefit from hisamazing gift of healing.



Earl and Anita
August 7, 2009