Hip Dysplasia

In late Nobember 2009, Coco gurl a five years old Holland lop began to lose the use of her hind leg causing her to fall over. Disabilities like this are typically terminal (meaning there is nothing a vet can do). After our vet conducted thorough blood tests, Coco was put on pain medicine which appeared tp help a little, but still left her without an appetite. Coco continued to seem very fragile, hardly eating and falling over a few times a day.

After Coco’s first treatment with Dr. Yoza, she was able to hop down the hallway and out of Yoza Clinic without falling once! At home, her appetite immediately returned. She continued to get better and better with earth of the three subsequent visits to Dr. Yoza, becoming more active and exponentially hungrier. She showed sings of “juvenile” activeness, doing things she did when she was younger….like jumping on the bed and getting into trouble.

Our thanks to Dr. Yoza and staff for helping Coco get better!