Miracle Baby

In the beginning, I took my dog Benji (featured in a separate testimonial who was also a huge success story) to see Dr. Yoza for his energy treatment.  Benji and I have been going to Dr. Yoza weekly for about 5 years and continue to see him on a weekly basis because of his miraculous energy treatments.  When we see Dr. Yoza for energy treatments, Benji enjoys receiving the energy treatment in the waiting room while sitting on my lap.  For a long time, I would tell Dr. Yoza that I was getting a two-for-one deal when Benji would sit on my lap for his energy treatment.  I’ve always felt like I could feel the energy through Benji even though I was not the one who was getting treated.  I never realized the full power of Dr. Yoza’s resonance energy treatment and how powerful it could truly be.

About one year and a half ago, I began dating my boyfriend Chad, he is the love of my life and we have been blessed to have gotten the chance to witness and benefit from Dr. Yoza’s energy treatments.  When I began dating Chad in April of 2016, I was having problems with my health even though I am young and usually don’t have too many issues regarding my overall health.  For 6 months before meeting Chad I had major back pain which none of the doctors and specialist could figure out why I was having so much pain.  I went through physical therapy, aqua therapy, etc. all kinds of treatments to try and resolve the pain but nothing worked.  Just when I was about to give up on resolving my back pain I started experiencing another unusual problem, a period that lasted over a month.  It took two ultrasounds and a second opinion from my current OBGYN to discover that I had cysts all over my ovaries, a extremely brittle, thin uterine lining and free fluid around my uterus that was secondary side effects from the birth control pills I had been taking for a couple years.  

Dr. Yoza had previously warned me about the harmful effects birth control pills could have but I got greedy and enjoyed not having a monthly period or any of its nasty symptoms.  It was soon after I stopped the birth control pills that everything including my mysterious back pain resolved.  I also had another surprise waiting for me, amazingly I was pregnant.  Despite all the health issues I was having I was pregnant with a healthy baby girl who mysteriously could hang on even though my uterine lining was brittle, thin and tearing.  Despite all the issues I was having at the time I had a smooth, non-eventful healthy pregnancy. Although I can’t say the same for my labor where I ended up in an emergency C-section because the baby had its cord wrapped around her neck she was born safe and sound on June 30, 2017.  Her APGAR score was 9 out of 10, nearly perfect even though she was in distress throughout the labor.

Today she is a healthy, happy and amazingly intelligent 2-month-old baby!  The pediatrician has acknowledged how developed she is for her age and friends and family rave about how aware and smart she is for a 2-month-old.  We were extremely lucky under the circumstances to have been able to have a healthy, happy baby.  For that we are deeply grateful to Dr. Yoza and his energy treatment.  I truly believe that even though I never went in for treatment directly for myself that because Benji sits on my lap that I could benefit from Dr. Yoza’s energy treatment as well.  His energy treatment is miraculous as well as powerful and has been such a life changing blessing for Chad, Benji, baby Mia and me.  We are eternally thankful to have the opportunity to meet Dr. Yoza and will continue to seek his treatment.


                                                                                             Emi, Chad, Benji and Baby Mia