Thyroid Cancer

June 30, 2010

Dear Dr. Yoza,

When I first came to see you last March I was having difficulty recovering from a second
surgery for thyroid cancer followed by a severe strep infection in my neck. I was unable to lift my right arm over my head and my neck and shoulder were sore and stiff. My friend gave me the first visit to you as a gift, and my skepticism was replaced by amazement at the relief I felt after the first treatment. After a couple of visits my arm was back to normal and I rarely feel any discomfort in my neck and shoulder.

I also recently noticed that the chronic pain in my lower back that bothered me whenever I stood for more than five minutes has gone. I can now stand for an hour or more without experiencing any problem with my back … and this was not even one of the issues for which I came to you for help!

I have continued to come for treatment once or twice a week since my first visit in March. While relief from pain and improvement in the range of motion for my arm have been the most physically obvious, the result of most value to me has been the tremendous improvement in my overall sense of well-being. After months of rarely feeling well, I feel that I am finally regaining the energy and health I once took for granted.

The improving state of my health was recently confirmed by the blood test I took earlier this month to check for the presence of cancer. It was the best I have had in the seven years since I was first diagnosed with the disease. I believe that your treatment is helping me to stay well and I sincerely thank you for supporting me along my journey of recovery.


Catherine Payne