Well being and Healing

I am writing this because I truly believe this has and continues to help me in my current life stage.

I met Dr. Yoza back in February of 2017. I was referred to him from a local pet shop owner, who I overheard her sharing iinformation to other customers, of this great Dr. who does “healing” for humans as well as animals. My main visits were for my sweet dog Rosie, who had cancer that had spread and being that I am not one for the thought of putting my beloved through bouts of medication, etc….I opted to try a different avenue and gave Dr. Yoza’s office a call. My thinking is that whatever makes her comfortable will be fine with me. And… .more importantly, I had to go in this with a very, very “open” mind to allow this to help my Rosie. Not expecting anything but for her comfort. She truly enjoyed and looked forward to her weekly visits with Dr.Yoza.
She really blossomed on those days and after. It helped her to get through the hard days. Well, Rosie lasted happily until it was time. She hung on as long as she could, but with much more ease and comfort, she went very peacefully. This, I believe is due to her time spend with Dr.Yoza.

Part two of this testimonial is for myself personally. I decided to use the leftover sessions from Rosie on myself, as I did feel the presence of energy whenever I’d bring Rosie. I have continued seeing Dr. Yoza from then until current. I feel that this has helped greatly giving me “peace of mind” and “well being.” I have more energy, less aches and pains, and mostly I feel my mind is clearer!!! I can say this, because I’ve changed my schedule of sessions a few times to every other week or stretching it out a little more than a week, and then started to question myself “why” do I feel different..…more lethargic, aches, and slower in thoughts. As my daily routines didn’t change except for one thing. Then, it was like a light bulb that went on and remembered that I missed an appointment or changed the schedule and knew that was it!!! So, went back to my weekly visits. Everytime I finish a session, I am so at ease and calm….it is indescribable. It did put a meaning for me to the term “Well Being.” You don’t have to be sick to get better! This gives me synergy!!! I feel better, eat better and even my outlook in life is better. You must go into this, as in life with an open mind to accept healing and to be healed.
So, kudos to Dr. Yoza… ..and his ever pleasant staff!!!

Much aloha,
Leslie Nakagawa