Biliary sludge / Polyarthritis Toy Poodle ♂ Barona 13years old

Long Distance Healing from Hawaii to Japan via LINE

Baron is born with weak immune system due to hereditary condition. Up to six months of age, he has had two fractures and today, his back leg is shorter than the other leg, causing one leg to drag/limp when walking.

At age 11, ultrasound was taken and was diagnosed with cholangitis, a syndrome in dog’s inflammation of the bile ducts and intrahepatic ducts that carry bile out of the liver. Baron’s symptoms were diarrhea, black color loose stools with mucus, lethargy and weakness. Stool sample was examined and no abnormality was found. Ursodiol, common name Urso or Actigall, was prescribed. Blood, biological, C-reactive protein, pancreatitis, digestion and absorption, thyroid tests were performed and the results were normal. Baron’s diet was changed to home-made organic and natural food mixed with supplement for intestinal functions. Baron took his first resonant healing treatment from Dr. Yoza when Dr. Yoza had his resonant healing treatment session in Japan. After Dr. Yoza’s healing treatment, Baron’s symptoms of black soft
stool and diarrhea have improved and are now normal.

At age 12, diagnosed with polyarthritis, an immune-mediated inflammatory disease of the movable joints. Blood work showed increase in CRP (C-reactive protein) and WBC (white blood cell). Steroid was temporarily given and switched to bioresonance, biotherapy, acupuncture and moxibustion and laser treatments. No relapse since the treatment.

At age 13, Baron started to have high body temperature and tachypnea, rapid breathing, during the night. Blood work showed increase levels in BUN, CRE, P, and SDMA, symptoms for renal or kidney failure but urinalysis result showed normality in color, turbidity (cloudiness) and specific gravity (a measure of how concentrated the urine is). No sign of polydipsia (increase level of thirst) and polyuria (high urine production). Weak kidney is the contributing factor for high temperature and tachypnea after 10 pm.
For treatment, acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine was used. Took Dr. Yoza’s long distance healing treatment four times intensively. No improvement during first and second treatment, however, after third and fourth treatment, there was a sign of improvement in tachypnea symptoms during the night, at the same time, blood test results turned normal.

Presently, Baron is taking weekly homotoxicology medication intravenously, Chinese herb, acupuncture and organic home-made food. Body weakens and gets ill when energy, blood, and body fluid are blocked. Acupuncture and Dr. Yoza’s resonant healing helps relieve the blockages, restores life force energy and balances the meridian. Eating healthy is also important.

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