Biliary Sludge/Patellar Luxation Toy Poodle ♀ Choco 13years old

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Choco has developed a patellar dislocation G1. Patellar dislocation occurs when the dog’s kneecap is dislocated from its normal position and is a common, acquired orthopedic abnormality, causing mild to severe, continuous or intermittent lameness. This could contribute problems in bone, muscle, liver, gallbladder, stomach and spleen in later years.

At age 7, although had appetite, Choco has become less active and started to lose hair. This condition was thought due to age but after thorough diagnostic testing, it was determined to be hypothyroidism, a condition when a thyroid gland does not secrete enough of hormone causing the metabolism to slow down. Levothyroxine Sodium was prescribed for underactive thyroid and vitamin supplement for her joint that is causing hind leg to lag.

At age 10, ultrasound was taken and found problems with liver and gall bladder functions. Ursodiol, common name Urso or Actigall, was prescribed to treat the problem.

At age 12, Choco started to get stools with abnormal amounts of mucus. Conducted physical examination along with complete blood count (CBC), C-reactive protein, urinalysis and stool analysis. Prescribed steroid for a month, home-made organic food that include nutmegs, Chinese wolfberry fruit, citrus peel and ginger along with supplements for intestinal and digestive functions.

At age 13, Choco has lost weight to 3.97 pounds and about once a month, she would have stool with abnormal mucus. Her health condition got worse when the owner left on a trip. Choco stayed and was cared at the pet clinic while the owner was away. During the stay at the clinic, Choco received Dr. Yoza’s long distant resonant healing treatment. After the first resonant healing treatment, Choco condition was the same and her diarrhea continued. Second resonant healing treatment was given after two days from her initial treatment and her health condition and diarrhea got better. Owner brought Choco in for her third long distant resonant healing after three weeks from her initial treatment. After the third treatment, Choco’s condition improved and regained back normal.

Once elderly cat or dog break down their health, they have difficulty and need more time to recover due to their imbalance in wave and energy. Young pets tend to regain quickly. Pets will have faster and better result with the help of Dr. Yoza’s resonant healing by restoring their wave and energy balance.

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