Lymphoma Chihuahua / Min- Pin Mix ♀ Elle Bee

We fell in love with Elle Bee and adopted her at 8 weeks old in June of 2007. The first time we met her at We watched her run and jump and steal every single toy that was thrown out to them to play with.
The owner of the rescue thought we were crazy when we chose “ the little hellion” and actually said we could bring her back if we changed our mind! We didn’t – and so began our 10 year love affair with this special girl.
We were told that she was a Chihuahua / Min- Pin mix. When she grew to almost 60 pounds, we figured that there was probably another “ mix ” in there that we didn’t know about! Elle Bee didn’t know that she was a “ big “girl and would walk around in silly t- shirts and costumes and always needed her favorite her purple snuggle blanket to sleep with.
She turned out to be the most sweet, mellow dog – caring only about foog and butt scratches. So imagine how Devastated we were when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma in the fall of 2014. We loved her so much and while wanted to do everything we could to prolong her life, we also didn’t want her to suffer from side effects of chemotherapy. Our goal was to make her happy and comfortable for whatever time we had with her.
We heard about Dr.Yoza from a co- worker and decided to bring Elle Bee to him for treatment. What we didn’t know ( our vet did not have the heart to tell us ) was that she had an approximate 6 month prognosis.
We visited monthly starting in October of 2017. Elle Bee continued to eat. And sunbathe. And eat.
Months turned into a year. Then another! We saw no change in her and we never checked to see what the status of her lymphoma was. All we cared about was that she was happy!
In May of 2017 – 2 / years after her diagnosis, Elle Bee got hurt, likely from playing with another of our dogs.
She lost a significant amount of weight and we could see she was in pain. We increased our monthly visits to Dr.Yoza to every other week! And she healed! And continued to eat!
In September of 2017, we starts to notice a decline in her energy and appetite and we knew that her time coming to an end. We increased the frequency of her visits and Dr.yoza would even treat her via Facetime! Our miracle girl peacefully crossed Rainbow Bridge on November 12, 2017.
Dr.Yoza gave us an incredible 3 years with our precious girl and we will be forever grateful for that gift.
The love and support that he and Noriko gave to our family will forever be remembered and cherishad!

Barboza Family