Mouth Cancer(Periodontal Problem) Cammie 20 years old

Around November 2018 I first took Cammie into the vet after he developed a large hole on his neck caused by a puss sack that burst after scratching. The vet told me it was due to an advanced  periodontal condition. We went through what was necessary to determine if it was safe for Cammie to go under anesthesia. Although Cammie did pass with flying colors, the vet found a tumor on the inside of his mouth on the right. The vet determined at Cammie’s age, it was no use to put him through the periodontal surgery. She said she could cut the tumor but there was no guarantee of recovery. 

She said I we could do chemotherapy and at the same time she gave me no guarantee of survival.

I had no intention of having Cammie go through anything that would take away quality of life, so chemo was not an option. The vet also seemed to think I would have to make my decision to let Cammie go. I know that it is Cammie that would choose his time to go so I sought other options.

I have known Dr. Yoza for many years. Visits began with taking my mother and I have been referring Dr. Yoza to others for years. I myself commuted to visit Dr. and although I knew he did long distance therapy, but it wasn’t until Cammie’s treatment that I experienced the effectiveness of his long distance treatments.

Because of my work schedule there were a days I was unable to bring Cammie in for treatment. I had noticed Cammie was going down in condition. Cammie hadn’t eaten in 2 days. Noriko (Dr’s wife) suggested I try long distance therapy. Although a bit skeptical, at this point I was willing to try anything. The entire therapy lasted 30 minutes. Cammie was nearly lifeless. But I was blown away when half way into the treatment, he all of a sudden woke up as if he had forgotten to, and started cleaning himself! It was amazing! After the treatment he ate with enthusiasm. After 2 days of not eating, he must have been hungry. 😂 

Since, I’ve continued regular treatment and also do long distance when I am unable to go in to the office. Presently Cammie’s appetite is good, and he shows a desire to continue living. Like I’ve seen from other testimonials, I am hoping for the non existence of his tumor. Dr. says his treatments allows the body to work at full potential. The next step is for the body to win over the disease. 

I am sure Cammie has the will to live. It is my responsibility to give him that opportunity. I am confident Dr. Yoza’s treatments will make that possible!

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