Autonomic Neuropathy / Orthostatic Hypertension

Dear Dr. Raymond Yoza,

My name is Kathy Tokunaga. I was a very active healthy 43 year old.
On July 15, 2009, I felt a sinus infection coming on and went to the doctor. He prescribed Septra (Bactrim, Sulfa) an antibiotic. I took the Septra for 5 days and developed a rash on my leg. It also made me fatigued and sore like flu symptoms.
On the sixth day my skin from head to toe felt like it was sunburned. My hands and feet were sore like holding ice for a longtime and joints were painful. A tremor in my right hand was like a Parkinson’s shake. I kept fainting every time stood up from the bed. I stayed in bed for four months and lost about 40 pounds. I didn’t have a very good appetite. All the food I ate tasted like metal/vinegar and smelled bad or spoiled. What I ate came right back out after eating. One of the doctors quoted in their diagnosis as finding me bulimic and severe fibromyalgia. I was seen by many doctors in Hawaii such as endocrinologist, neurologist, cardiologist, and gastroenterologist. I was in and out of the emergency room about 15 times in the four months that I was in bed. I was taking many pain killers and prescribed meds at one time. No doctors would give me a definite or specific diagnosis of a particular disease or virus. It was crazy and frustrating.

In March 2010, I made my first appointment with Dr.Yoza. Three totally unrelated people shared experience Dr.Yoza with me. I believed my God was trying to tell me something. My first visit was amazing. I went into Dr.Yoza’s office with an open mind not knowing what to expect. At the end of my treatment he asked me what the most obvious change I was feeling. I told him that my hand stopped shaking. I scheduled visits for 3 times a week and then slowly tapered off to once a week as I got better.

In May 2010, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. They are the most elite medical facility I have ever been to. The doctors diagnosed me with Autonomic Neuropathy and Orthostatic Hypertension. Their instructions were to take one type of medicine for pain and continue whatever I’ve been doing back home to make me better.

I believe that my faith in God has brought me to Dr.Yoza. A Combination of Dr.Yoza, eating healthy and Prevagen that has brought me on the road to recovery. Today I visit Dr.Yoza once a week. I have been feeling much better. I’m able to run again and complete almost all of my daily tasks.
Praise the Lord!
Thank You Dr.Yoza and your staff!