Back Pain / Arthritis

Skeptical of Resonant Healing

My name is Allan Katsura, a retired vice-president at a local bank and I reside in Aiea.

For years, I have experienced a recurring lower back ache and first went to Dr. Yoza for treatment 12 years ago. Back then, Dr Yoza was practicing traditional chiropractic treatment. I returned for subsequent treatment and was surprised to find that Dr. Yoza was practicing Resonant Healing. I received Resonant treatment for my back and although the pain subsided, I was a little skeptical of the effect of Resonant Healing.

After a lengthy absence, I returned for treatment of my back and arthritic knee and witnessed the physical reactions of his patients’ flailing arms and legs and spasmodic twitching of the body. Dr. Yoza explained that this was a physical indication that the mind was communicating the healing process with the body. Although the pain in my lower back and knee disappeared, I was still a little skeptical of this practice. Shortly thereafter, I noticed that my arms were moving in a circular motion when treated and found that the energy level in my body increased, evident that the Resonant Healing process was taking effect. I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my physical well being and mental alertness and feel rejuvenated with every treatment.

I am a living example of the effectiveness of Dr. Yoza’s treatment and once a skeptic, am now a true believer in Resonant Healing.

Thank you, Dr. Yoza, for giving me a new lease on life.

Allan Katsura