Back Pain

I got married in February, 2010 and went to Hawaii on our honeymoon.
My wife has experienced the treatment from Dr. Yoza several times before. She was so much improved that she suggested I should also get a treatment from Dr. Yoza.Before we left Japan, all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on my low back. As soon as I shook hands with the doctor, however, I realized that I didn’t feel any pain then. Strange to say, my body started moving without any intention as I lay down on my stomach. I felt a great relaxation while being treated. After the treatment was over, I found my body much lighter. I surprised me. This feeling is just beyond description unless you experience it yourself.

Even after we returned home in Japan, just the mere thought of Dr. Yoza makes my body move and makes me relax. Thank you very much, Dr. Yoza. It may not be easy, but, I do hope I can visit Hawaii with my wife at least once every half a year. We want to keep ourselves healthy forever and ever.