Severely Ill World renowned scientist

Two years ago, I was very sick. You name it, I had it. Back pain, frozen shoulder, stomach pain, knee pain, leg cramps, insomnia and other severe health issues, I was exhausted and stressed. I tried everything and I went through all the phases where western medicine could not cure me. Nothing provided a holistic healing.
One day our departmental secretary (I’m a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and chairman of the Microbiology Department) Debbie Morito told me, “Dr. Alam, if you are open-minded, may I suggest you visit Dr. Yoza.
After his treatments I’m able to play tennis again. Before his treatments I couldn’t walk. I will drive you to Dr. Yoza”.

Here was my dilemma, I had spent 17 years, going from an MS degree to PhD at the prestigious Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (same level as MIT here in the US) and earned another PhD from well-known Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany.
I was trained by the world’s best scientists to look at facts and make conclusions. I had serious reservations about alternative therapies. After talking to my wife Rafia and getting her moral support, I told Debbie, “Ok, I will go with you to Dr. Yoza and be open-minded”.
After three sessions, I felt something was happening with my body. It seemed as if I was healing from all of my ailments simultaneously. For the first time, I felt I could climb the mountain.
I continued several more sessions and it seemed to be a miracle! I was so excited that I told Rafia that she should visit Dr. Yoza too. She had at that time hot flashes and could not sleep well.
We went together, just after one session with Dr. Yoza, her hot flashes were gone. We were very blessed and happy.
But these healing sessions by Dr. Yoza filled my head with curiosity. My questions was how a simple touch during 30-40 minutes session, trigger my whole body in healing state? What is the basis? Is there any science behind this phenomenon?

I started reading book after book, reading research papers, digesting the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Alternative therapies website, and discussing it with Dr. Yoza.
We became family friends. My wife Rafia was poking me every day, “You have to do something. All your knowledge that you have received, please give back to humanity”.
I then decided to focus my brain on to this touch healing and let the world know that there is a very humble man in Aiea, Honolulu, who is a superb conductor of a healing Symphony and serving humanity with his talent.
Dr. Yoza and I have decided to write a book about his resonant healing. Our mutual journey began.
As a scientist, I want to tell the world, “Keep your Mind Open, MIRACLES can HAPPEN!”