Back Pain / Light Headed Dizziness / Stomack Pain / Chest Pain / Hand Stiffness

Not having felt well for quite a while, I got a healing treatment for the first time in my life on my first day in Hawaii. I felt secured to get a treatment from Do Yoza with his Japanese wife helping me with the language.. His treatment was not painful at all. Far from it, he lightly touched me on the body. I lfet the office about an hour later, recovering quite well.

Because I could not sleep well on that night and the following night, however, I felt sick again on the third day. With upset stomach, palpitation, numbness in the hands, anemia and so on, I just could not keep myself standing normally. I was going to visit the emergency hospital. After dithering what to do, I decided to call Dr. Yoza’s wife though it was very late at night. And then Dr.Yoza and his wife came to the hotel we were staying at in Waikiki to give me the treatment. His treatment was not just for the body, but also for the mind. He said the pillow did not fit me, and so he made a pillow out of a cotton blanket. He even gave me some advice on my work. He cured me mentally as well as physically.

Being comforted both mentally and physically, I burst into tears. His wife, crying for me, talked to me as sweetly and gently as anyone ever could. I was even more comforted. After Dr. Yoza and his wife left, I felt completely well, worked up an appetite, and slept a soud sleep that night. It was a good thing that I called his wife instead of going to the hospital.

Next day I visited their booth for a pet healing at the event site with my husband and another couple. We all had his treatment. All three of them were amazed at his treatment because the pain they had had on the shoulder and etc. disappeared before they knew.

After all, while I was in Hawaii for a week, I had three treatments from Dr. Yoza. When I got really sick, I was very much worried if I could come back to Japan as scheduled. Thanks to Dr. Yoza and his wife, I was able to return home without any trouble. I am very much grateful to them.

When I go to Hawaii again, I know for sure that I will get treatment from Dr. Yoza. Happily I have found that they sometimes come to Japan. When they do, I have asked his wife to let me know. I am sure both Dr. Yoza and his wife are busy. I honestly hope they will keep in good spirits for ever and a day.

2009/11/25 Y . M