Headedness / Stomack Pain / Glaucoma

My name is Yoshiko Kato. I heard about Dr.Yoza. through a feiend and began visits May 16, 2009.
I had many physical ailment including light headedness, stomach pains, and glaucoma.
After the first two visits, most of my ailments were gone.I am so happy that symptoms of light headedness and aches have been relieved.

Not only have I regained my appetite, but I can live my life without all the discomfort I have in the past.
The most amazing healing from Dr.Yoza is the relief of higt glaucoma pressur after only four visits. A visit to my ophthalmologist on June 1. 2009 confirmed that health of my eyes has improved. The ophthalmologist examined me and found that my eye pressure (glaucoma) is surprisingly better.

Thank You, D.Yoza, for making me healthier and increasing my quality of life.

Yoshiko Kato