Back Sprain

Hello! My name is H, and I have been a patient of Dr. Yoza since the Spring of 2008. A few years ago, I was in Japan working as a nurse when I injured my lower back. I thought is was just a simple muscle strain so I didn’t let it concern me and continued to work without taking care of it.

However, after the incident at work I was at home when I experienced severe pain in my lower back that left me unable to move. I had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance, and I remember how ashamed I felt because I regret not taking care of my back problem sooner. The doctors who examined me recommended that I just need to exercise and stretch my lower back muscles regularly.

For years I continued to exercise and stretch my lower back, but the pain kept recurring and oftentimes it was very severe. Last year my sister in law recommended that I see Dr. Yoza because she had been treated successfully by him when she was having back pains after giving birth. I made an appointment to see Dr. Yoza to see if he could help me with my condition.

My first impression of Dr. Yoza was that he was very friendly and patient in explaining his recommended treatment for me until I was satisfied that I understood what needed to be done. Dr Yoza’s treatment was very unique and changed my idea of what a chiropractor normally does because Dr. Yoza’s technique was very gentle and non-invasive.

During treatment, Dr. Yoza just gently touches my back and my body moves automatically without me being conscious of it. Dr. Yoza says that my body’s reaction to the treatment shows how the body tries to “fix itself”, but he also says that it is different for everyone else because, “each person has a different reaction and their body moves to treat their problem the best way it can.”

I know many people may not believe my explanation, but after every session I have had with Dr. Yoza I feel more flexibility and relaxed in my lower back. My back problem is getting better and I can now enjoy doing various activities with my husband such as cycling, and playing tennis.

I recommend you see what Dr. Yoza can do to help you make your lifestyle more enjoyable too. Thank You.