Bone Density Miracle

Thank you so very much, Dr. Yoza!
Almost three years ago, I had a bone density test done and at that time I was told I have osteopenia in my hips. My doctor recommended I take at least 1000 mg. of calcium and the same amount of vitamin D everyday. She also told me to be careful not to fall.
Exercise too, helps she said.Since that test, I found out about Dr. Yoza through a friend. I started to take my dog for energy healing sessions and soon began to see him myself.

I had the bone density test done again, yesterday.
I was afraid the test results would be worse because I wasn’t taking the recommended calcium and vitamin D. I wasn’t taking them at all.
Also, I just started walking with my dogs a week before this test.
When my doctor sat down with me with the results, she said my condition stabilized and actually is better than that. She said the test shows I got better and wondered what I was doing to cause this change. She asked if I was taking the calcium and vitamin D and I had to be honest and told her no.
Was I exercising and I said yes, because it’s true but I didn’t tell her I just started walking a week before this test.

I told her that I was seeing Dr. Raymond Yoza. She never heard of him, so I explained what he does. My doctor told me, “Whatever it is, keep it up because it’s working!”

Thank you Dr. Yoza!!!

Mary Ann  2016 April