Eye Floaters

I am proud of myself as being a member of Team Doctor Yoza as I have translated so many testimonies of his patients. I have seen his treatments, so I know how poweful his treatments are. However, never did I dream of writing a testimony myself.

I have had a few eye floaters in the left eye ever since I was in forty’s. But, they did not bother me at all. Gradually they increased I guess, but still did not bother me until May this year when I felt the eye floaters in the left eye were really annoying. I went to my eye doctor. After a few exams, he said the eye floaters occur commonly with aging. He said I just had to leave them alone. Aging…what a convenient word it is! When you are told the disease is caused by aging, you just have to give it up.

A month ago, I went to Hawaii to attend my colleague’s wedding. I told Dr. Yoza about my eye floaters. He gave me a treatment at his office once and also he gave me some treatments at his house. Do you know what? The number of eye floaters has decreased. My left eye was so annoying that I had to wear sunglasses even at home, but after a few treatments, I could do without wearing sunglasses. His treatment alleviated a feeling of discomfort.

Dr Yoza, thank you very much for your wonderful treatment. I hope to continue to be a member of Team Doctor Yoza and translate a lot more of testimonies so that more and more people will know about your treatment.

With much gratitude,
Kinuko Nagase