Breast Cancer

Cancer and Lymphedema

My story begins on May 1, 2008. I had stage 3 breast Cancer, had the cancerous tumor and 21 lymph nodes removed, of which 11 had contained cancer. This was followed by 6 months treatment of Chemotherapy and 33 days of radiation. By my 5th chemotherapy, I started showing signs of swelling of my left arm down to my hand. I had lymphedema which can occur after any type of surgery where lymph nodes have been taken out. It also is most common with breast cancer. On November11, 2008, I was sent to therapy for the early stages of lymphedema, to receive 15 treatments. I have to wear a compression sleeve and glove all day long. As time progressed the lymphedema got worse. My hand started swelling from the heat and any salt I consumed. Actually anything that had taste to it. I was having a hard time getting the swelling down. On January 27, 2009 I had a bone marrow test. A few month’s later, swelling of both knees down to the ankles appeared. Water retention? The lymphedema had traveled, leaving me feeling stuffed and bloated all the time. With lymphedema the body parts affected became hard and solid.

One day my cancer support group invited Dr. Yoza as our guest speaker. There Dr. Yoza offered us to be a guest to his healing. As I sat in a chair and Dr. Yoza gave me his treatment, I experienced a ball of bright white light enter into me. When I opened my eyes I felt different. The next day, an amazing thing happened, the lump on top of my hand had gone down and the swelling of the arm had lessen. My oncologist, radiation doctor, cancer surgeon, and rehab nurse told me that there is no known cure for lymphedema. Modern medicine couldn’t help me and therapy was temporary. I had found my healer.

Since my first official office visit July 12, 2010, I have seen Dr. Yoza and when I have my treatment I have the flow of water passing through my body (I’m able to urinate the water out). I normally go to the restroom around 2 to 3 times during treatments. Also for the next two days after treatment. The swelling from the arm has gone way way down, as the legs and knees have also gotten way better. Sometimes almost normal in state. When I leave the office my body feels light and soft. I’m also cancer free 3 years now.
Ramona R. Self