Cancerous tumor

March 26, 2010
Update on the Nishioka/Sakamoto clan:

We continue to feel better than ever since starting resonant treatments with Dr. Yoza. People are always commenting on how good we all look, and I think it’s because we feel so much better.
Francis is still tickled pink to be able to read the newspaper and the Bible. He frequently cuts out articles for all of us to read if he finds them interesting, so we know he’s reading a lot.

Clara was a little slower in responding to the treatments, but now she is feeling better than ever. She had trouble burping in the past and was always uncomfortable. Her frequent comment was “I can’t burp”. No problem 90% of the time now, as big loud burps are heard every morning. Constipation was always a problem as well, and that has improved 85%. She feels so good that she wears make-up and jewelry again. Not bad for an almost 90 year old!

Ipo ( Chihuahua Terrier) has some bad mornings, but most of the time, she’s alert and watching over all of us. When the paddlers go by on the canal, she runs really fast to the fence and barks to let them know they’re bothering her. I don’t know if her tumor is shrinking (she has lost some weight), but she is feeling good, and that’s important to all of us.

Lynnette’s head tremors have come back a little with much stress going on right now, but it is definitely not to the extent it was before treatments began in December 2009. And overall, she feels great, because the neck and shoulder pains have subsided considerably.

Thanks so much from all of us, Dr. Yoza. And thanks to your staff who are always so kind and patient with us.
Much aloha,

Francis, Clara, Lynnette and Ipo