Food allergy / Ear infection

Hi, my name is Skippy. I’m a 14 month old Shih Tsu/Chinese Crested dog. I’m also Dr. Yoza’s youngest patient.
Mommy wanted me to tell my story so otherswouldn’t have to go through what I have suffered.
I have severe food allergies and intolerance to all animal proteins and some vegetables in other words I’m a vegetarian.

I had several “mommies” before my present one. She adopted me when I was 3 months old.
At that time, mommy didn’t know that I had food allergies. I was always throwing up and had dry heaves. Mommy used to take me to the vet almost every other day. My first vet accused mommy of not taking care of me because I had severe and prolonged ear infections. I was at the vet almost every other day for about 4 months. Mommy said the vet knew I had an allergy problem but didn’t treat it and also gave me medicine that almost caused me to have nerve damage in my ear.

After 4 months of no results with 4 vets, mommy took me back to the vet who first saw me when I was with the breeder. He was a bad breeder that couldn’t sell me so didn’t get me my first shot until I was 2 months old. The vet put me on a series of special diets like venison/potato, duck/potato and fish/potato but I reacted to every special diet and commercial dog food.

Then, mommy started to cook for me. She gave me rib eye steak and chicken tenders but I broke out with a rash, burgundy colored paws and severe ear infections. Finally after 5 months, the vet didn’t want to see me or mommy, so mommy said let’s try Dr. Yoza and see if he can help me. My next stop would have been the allergy specialist that mommy didn’t want to go to.

I saw Dr. Yoza on my 1st birthday. I was scared but Dr. Yoza just waved his hands over me and I felt much better. After three treatments, no vomiting or dry heaves, I have plenty of energy and now I feel much better. I continue to see Dr. Yoza every week with progress.